5 Leadership Qualities You Need To Succeed

Great leadership is very challenging for anyone. There are quality traits a leader must have in order to be successful. A great leader must understand how to effectively communicate with people of all cultures and colors. A great leader must be intelligent enough to run a successful company. A leader cannot be self absorbed in his own affairs and not care about others. What other qualities does a great leader need? Read on in this article to see 5 great qualities that help to create a successful leader. 


Confidence is a quality every leader must possess. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, supervisor, CEO or other type of administrator, it is important to exude confidence to your team. A team who has a competent and confident leader will also be confident and work well together. Confidence is something that is grown from learning and being comfortable in your own skin. 

There are ways to build self confidence. These include; stop comparing yourself to other, surround yourself with positive and supportive people, be kind to yourself, take care of your mental and physical health, practice positive self-talk., overcome your limiting beliefs, determine what matters to you, assess your top need in life, practice gratitude, change your physiology, practice power poses, think of past successes and make eye contact.


Patience is a trait that is important for great leadership. There will be many crisis situations between individuals, departments, vendors and others who you interact with daily. Having patience with employees who are not working well together can often lead to a positive resolution. Patience allows you to step back from an emergency situation and hit the reset button. When your employees see you handling a situation calmly, they will also want to follow your lead. The best way to develop patience is to learn how to control your emotions. Nothing will ever get solved if you are always angry and unable to have a calm conversation about a critical issue. 

There are ways to develop patience that include: 

  • Don’t rush through issues
  • See the humour in situations
  • Meet people where they are
  • Release stress through exercise and yoga
  • Set small goals that lead to your longer term goals

There are many benefits to being a patient person and leader. They include: patient people have better mental health, patient people are better leaders, friends and neighbors, patience helps us achieve our goals and patience is linked to good health.


Forgiveness is a quality that must be learned for great leadership. There will be many times when employees will get angry with you and stop working efficiently. Learning to forgive people around you is challenging but necessary to succeed. Forgiveness releases you from the negative energy of the other person. Someone has to take the high road, forgive the other person and move on. 

As a leader, explain what you expect from employees, family members, friends and others who are in your life. Negative people often carry a negative energy that is not the best thing for your life. Forgiveness is a part of the cornerstone of building and growing in this journey we call life. Forgiveness allows a leader to see new opportunities every day and to move forward to the next level of growth.


Empathy is also a trait designed for great leadership. Empathy means that you are understanding of what others are going through and want to try and empower them to get back on track. You want to motivate and inspire your workers and teach them to be the best they can be. A great team means that you are doing something right to let them know that you are working with them for everyone to do better. 

There are some ways you can demonstrate empathy to your employees as a leader. These include: make a human connection before getting to business, display attention and appreciation for your workers, be vulnerable, listen and share past experiences, pay attention to what matters and show them that you care, use simple statements and basic language for effective communication with workers, share things that help your team see you as a real person, tell personal stories in meetings to be relatable and compassionate, keep up with local events where your team frequents, and cultivate the different cultures in the room.

Selflessness/Lack of Selfishness

Selfless leaders are the best people you will ever meet. A selfless leader puts his team and workers needs ahead of his own. He understands that if his team is not happy, then the company will not be successful. A selfless leader gets in and helps with the workload when times are stressful and there is a worker shortage. He shows his team how to be successful by being the example. 

Being selfless means being positive for your team. It means sitting down with employees to talk things through and come up with a resolution that everyone can live with. Selfless people often have great health because they do not allow things to worry them to the point where they cannot function. A selfless leader will always have an open door policy where you can come, ask questions and get answers to a problem so that you can move forward.

These are some of the great leadership qualities to become successful. Remember to have confidence in yourself and your team. This will become transparent and motivate your team to work well together. Patience gives you the opportunity to hit the reset button and look for new and better opportunities for your team and yourself. Forgiveness is challenging and difficult for you and team members, but is required and necessary to move forward and build a successful company. Empathy allows you to understand the needs of others and put yourself in their shoes. It gives you the opportunity to inspire your workers and tell relatable stories that make you more human to your workers. Selfless leadership must be exhibited for a company to be successful. A supervisor or leader must cater to his worker’s needs to resolve critical problems. All of these qualities are necessary to have a great leader who wants his team to be the very best.

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