Relationship Mastery

  Relationships are one of life's most beautiful gifts, and being able to have a successful relationship is key to any healthy lifestyle. Whether it be with a spouse, family, or friends, the connection you have with the people you hold close will have a major outcome on how you live your life! I promise to help identify the roots of your problem, work to resolve disputes, and make your relationships flourish! My expertise range from helping couples who were on the cusp of filing for divorce to introducing pairs to reaffirm affection for their partner. Let me help you tap into a new wave of your emotions. Call now and I'll let my work prove itself!  


Overcome Fear & Anxiety


Fear is a natural part of life; anxiety is merely a phobia of the future. Nonetheless, being able to identify your problems within yourself and overcoming that fear introduces a gratifying euphoria unlike anything you’ve ever felt. A two-ton weight will be lifted. With the best Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, you can achieve this feat an incredibly short amount of time. Using my NLP Coaching in Los Angeles, I will resolve any fear and anxiety that is possessing you. I've worked with a wide range of customers from a simple fear of tight spaces, all the way up to victims of sexual assault. Big, small, and everything in between - we will get through this together!


Financial Mastery


Money is a tool that strengthens stability, bolsters security, and incites freedom. With abundance of financial support, you have more time to do the things you actually want to do. Spending time with family, kicking back with friends, and taking care of yourself in the process. So how can I help you? If you're an individual, I can help you get past the pressure to overcome any obstacle preventing you from achieving your goals.  Together, we'll defeat them and help you grow to new levels of success. If you're a business, I can provide you and your team with the mindset to break sales records, surpass extraordinary performance, and develop a workplace culture built to ooze success. Business is a marathon and I'll teach you to dominate en route to a first place finish.

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Addiction & Abuse


Drugs have consumed everyday life. Caffeine and sugar are everywhere, yet there is no stigma behind them. Drugs are said to enhance your abilities but when people develop addictions, your body establishes a dependence on these substances. From cigarettes to heroin abuse, I've come across all kinds of abusers, but when you shift the mindset from craving a substance to despising it, you'll have a newfound appreciation for life around you and for your ability to overcome adversity. As drugs become more accessible, my most powerful specialty has been my ability to help patients overcome an addiction within a single session.


Mindset Mastery

 Your mind is your temple, and having a cluttered temple can be an Hindrance on your abilities. All of the internal problems within yourself, such as confidence anxiety and insecurity, are fabricated by your mind. When you disrupt the pattern and feed the mind new knowledge and ideas, you'll begin to see the person that you’ve wanted to grow into all along. Let me bring your confidence to unfathomable levels! After just one session, you'll see massive improvement. A few more and your family and friends won't recognize you! Schedule an appointment now, the new you is waiting. 


Attract The Life You Want


Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? The idea that your mind and its energy attract similar energy. So when you’re upset and depressed you tend to spiral deeper into a hole because your mind is in a state that manifests an unhealthy mentality. In spite of this, when you are happy and craving success, you tend to attract the energy that further pushes you to achieve prosperity. I specialize in shifting your mindset to attain that success and lifestyle you want. Simply hacking the mind can give you what you want with some work and thought and I’ll teach you the steps to attract the life you want. 

Power Team Mastery

More Sales


-Power Team Mastery will help you reach sales objectives with ease. By utilizing powerful NLP persuasion tactics, create new levels of motivation, and get you to overcome objection!

Less Excuses


-No more excuses. I will end the patterns that cause your team to fail and bring them to new heights. What are you waiting for? Take action!

More Results


-I will get your team to double their sales and get you the results you deserve. Guaranteed. If you don't want to grow your sales and business then this isn't for you.


Power Session

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Get rid of your problem within one session guaranteed!


Transformational Monthly Coaching

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You get 4 in person power sessions with Marczell and 24/7 support. This includes free entrance to all his workshops, programs, online courses, and seminars. When you sign up for monthly coaching you also get priority over anyone else on scheduling and phone calls. This is for people who are truly looking to turn their dreams into reality and become the best version of themselves.


Team Packages

Ultimate Sales Teams

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-Team Coaching to boost everything!

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-Grow as a team!


Sales Skills

"Wasn't closing any sales at all, but once I began the sales training course with marczell than everything changed! My sales doubled within 2 weeks!"

Brandon Nguyen

Weight Loss

 "I spoke to Marczell about my Wight loss problem and after 1 lesson  with him I lost 9lb in 2 week's.  
I really recommend him."

Netanel M

Business Success

"I was working a minimum wage job two years ago. Thanks to his monthly program I'm making over 6 figures a year following my dreams."

Naftali Moses


"I was clinically depressed and after working with Marczell life has never been better. I'm the most confident person in any room I walk into."

 Alex Hedvat

Relationship Help

"After seeing Marczell its never been easier to attract women into my life. Thank you so much Marczell!

Elior Bouganim

No More Anxiety

"The best $5500 I ever spent. I struggled with anxiety for the majority of my life and in a matter of minutes it was gone. To this day it hasn't come back.

Jason Afriat