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Over the years, I have invested countless hours in learning, mastering, and applying hypnosis and self-confidence techniques. Not only do I use these techniques in my personal life, to help me achieve my goals and succeed in almost everything that I do, but I also teach them to people from every kind of background.

People come to me for help with all sorts of issues, from quitting smoking to scaling multiple 9 figure businesses. I teach people how to motivate themselves, become more confident, and get out of their comfort zone to achieve more than they ever thought possible before.

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Because so many different people ask me for help, and because they all have such different backgrounds, budgets, and opportunities for growth, I have developed a personalized approach to teaching that succeeds at every level. My program is open to people with every level of ambition and ability to commit time and effort. From simple 9-minute affirmations and self-confidence techniques, you can do every day, to advanced hypnosis and mind training techniques that make a lifetime of difference for thousands of people who have passed through my program.


What I offer is unique. No matter how far and wide you look, you can’t find another program that works quite like my own. Using techniques I developed myself, through a combination of formal classroom training, practical development, and private meditations on how we learn and grow, I have crafted a program of personal learning and success that isn’t offered anywhere else in the world.


Mentoring is at the heart of my teaching approach. There’s no real substitute for that special one-on-one relationship a mentor develops with his students. Every successful person has, at some point, had a mentor who guided and encouraged him to accomplish more than he ever thought possible. Almost everything that I do is an attempt to recreate that special bond and create a highly productive channel for learning, self-improvement, and growth that only works when you have the personal contact a mentor brings to the table.


My mentorship opportunities are designed to work for people from all walks of life, who come to the program at every level of skill, confidence, and familiarity with the techniques that I offer. You can sign up for a limited trial or for online course, attend a live event or experiment with a mentoring course to see if it works for you. You can also jump in with both feet and get the whole package of life-enhancing training and encouragement that I offer.


Network with an elite community

People accepted into mentoring are all driven and succesful. Make connections with high quality people.

Accelerate your success!

Through hypnosis, accountability, community, and the guidance of mentoring you will get success quicker!

Unlock Your Subconscious mind

From repeatedly being hypnotized by Marczell you will change and control your subconscious mind to benefit every area of your life.


The program is comprehensive and offers several paths to learning my techniques. When you sign up, you get:


Breakthrough Accelerator: My 6 month mentorship program is all-inclusive and designed to give you maximum results in a compressed timeframe. This is an ideal option for serious students who want to start strong and get a really strong understanding of my methods and exercises.

Marczell’s weekly live calls: Weekly phone conversations with me are an extension of the mentorship relationship into a personal one-on-one instruction that can support you as you grow through the program. During the weekly call, I speak with you about the progress you’ve been making, answer your questions about the program and help set the learning agenda for the week ahead. As part of the program, you’ll also get calls from world-renowned success coaches.

Access to a thriving community of leaders: Our community is large and always growing. As a part of the program, you will have access to other success-minded people working on the same lessons you are. Working together, you’ll develop new skills faster and more completely than you thought possible.

Accountability support: Accountability is the key to steady progress, and setting accountability goals helps motivate and secure your advancement. Every week, you’ll have a new accountability challenge to meet and overcome, which helps set goals and get you moving forward through the program.

The Mastermind Whatsapp group: My coaches and I don’t leave you on your own. Through the Mastermind Whatsapp group, we can keep in touch with regular contacts, answer questions and offer feedback at every step along the way. We have built a thriving community full of students and teachers, and by interacting with others at every stage of the program, you can see what success looks like and always have something to strive for.

Exclusive access to private events: When you join our community, you get all of the benefits of mentorship and ongoing encouragement, along with exclusive access to live events and virtual seminars. I host regular live events and stream virtual presentations full of tips, tricks, and helpful lessons about the self-improvement you’re working toward. By attending our events in a way that’s only available to members, you can experience change firsthand.

Gaining mastery over yourself and the situations you’re in is a lifelong process. The first step in that process is learning the techniques you need to become a better and more successful version of yourself. I can help you learn how to access those hidden strengths, and how to bring them out into the world where they will do the most good. Learn more about my program, and reach out to schedule a consultation, by clicking on the link here.



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“After my strategy session, in fourteen days we did $2.9 million is sales and before that, we had made nothing with business we started.”



“After my strategy session, in fourteen days we did $2.9 million is sales and before that, we had made nothing with business we started.”



“After my strategy session, in fourteen days we did $2.9 million is sales and before that, we had made nothing with business we started.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Hypnosis is a meditative technique in which a trained professional helps you enter a state of deep relaxation or intense focus. This is a guided process and usually requires a bond of trust to be built between the coordinator and the subject. Hypnotic techniques can be used to overcome fear, develop imagination, or achieve a higher level of focus and insight.

A: Hypnosis takes advantage of the fact that people can enter somewhat altered states of mind and access parts of their minds that they don’t usually use. By reaching states of deep relaxation or intense concentration, people can think more clearly, gain confidence and learn to be more self-motivated.

A: While formal hypnosis usually needs a trained coordinator to guide subjects in the techniques, you actually can learn many of them on your own and effectively hypnotize yourself. This is not exactly the same as second-person hypnosis, but the techniques you can learn can be applied anywhere, privately, for minutes at a time.

A: Hypnotic techniques are exceptionally good at helping people relax, gain self-confidence and become more creative. Hypnosis is also used to help people control their feelings in stressful situations, quit hard-to-stop habits, such as smoking, and overcome various personal issues. Hypnosis is also an effective way to become more active and self-motivated.

A: From the outside, people who have been hypnotized often look like they are under the control of a trained hypnotist. This is only partly true, however. All hypnosis techniques leave people undergoing them in total control of their bodies and minds, and no technique, however sophisticated, can get people to do things they really don’t want to do.

A: No. Hypnosis is a purely voluntary process that people have to actively consent to. Not only do hypnotic techniques all require the subject’s active participation, but it would also be ethically wrong to use hypnosis on someone against their will.

A: Just about anyone can learn at least a few hypnotic suggestion techniques to use on themselves and others to good effect. Some devoted students can go all the way and learn advanced techniques that unlock the full power of hypnotic suggestion and the depths of the mind to motivate, boost confidence, and improve imagination.

A: Improved confidence is one of the most common and easiest to achieve outcomes of these techniques. With just a few minutes a day of affirmation and self-directed meditations, you can learn more about your emotional shyness and boost your ability to put yourself forward in most social situations.

A: Apart from the major boost that comes from improved self-confidence, hypnotic techniques can help you in business in several ways. Regular practitioners of these techniques can become much more motivated self-starters. Also, many hypnotic techniques geared toward overcoming self-doubt and low self-esteem can help you make more and better contacts with successful people in your field.

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