In accordance with the provisions of the FEDERAL LAW ON PROTECTION OF PERSONAL HELD BY PRIVATE PARTIES, MARCZELL KLEIN undertakes to adopt the necessary measures within its reach to ensure the privacy of the personal data collected so that its security is guaranteed, its alteration, loss or unauthorized treatment is avoided.
In addition, in order to comply with the provisions of the FEDERAL LAW ON PROTECTION OF PERSONAL HELD BY PRIVATE PARTIES, all personal data that is collected through registration or once the payment procedure has begun within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” will be treated in accordance with the principles of legality, quality, purpose, loyalty and responsibility. All personal data that the website recollects will be subject to the consent of its owner. In any case, the use of financial or patrimonial data will require authorization from their owners, however, this may be done through payments made on the digital platform indicated by MARCZELL KLEIN in order to obtain payment for the products requested, using mechanisms enabled for this purpose, and in any case the utmost diligence and care will be given to this type of data. The same will occur in the case of sensitive personal data, considering for these those that due to improper use may give rise to their disclosure entails a risk for the owner.
At all times, every effort will be made to ensure that the personal data contained in the databases or files that are used, are pertinent, correct and used for the purposes for which they were collected.
MARCZELL KLEIN can include hyperlinks in the digital platforms and the DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” provided to the customers so that they are allowed to access pages related to sales products within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”, which are subject to the privacy and data protection policies of the this clause, for which MARCZELL KLEIN assumes responsibility for the data provided to these media, however, is not responsible for any digital platform or link that’s from a third party other than those indicated by MARCZELL KLEIN explicitly to the "CLIENT" to which the user provides his personal data.
MARCZELL KLEIN reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy according to its needs or derived from any change in the legislation. The access or use of the WEB DOMAIN "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" after said modifications, implies the acceptance by the "CLIENT".
On the other hand, access to THE DIGITAL PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” may imply the use of cookies, which, are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser, make it more friendly, and they do not harm the navigation device for it, they can collect information to enter said services, store data and preferences of the "CLIENT", as well as the interaction that they have with the digital platforms indicated by MARCZELL KLEIN AND ITS WEBSITE such as the date and time it is accessed, the time it spends, and the IP address of the“ CLIENT ”, etc.
This type of information will be used to improve the platforms that MARCZELL KLEIN provides to the "CLIENT" to improve the products and content offered to it through its web domain "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM", to detect errors and possible needs that the latter may have, the above in order to offer to its customers better quality products and content. In any case, the information collected will be anonymously and individual users will not be identified.
In the event that the “CLIENT” does not want this type of information to be collected, he must disable, reject or restrict the use of cookies in his Internet browser of his choice. The procedures to perform these actions may differ from one browser to another; consequently it is suggested to check the instructions of the browser that is preferably used by the customers. In the event that the use of cookies is rejected (total or partial) the "CLIENT" may continue to use the platforms that MARCZELL KLEIN put at their disposal in case of using any during your navigation within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”.
It is possible that in the future these policies regarding cookies will change or be updated, so it is advisable to review the updates made to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, in order to be adequately be informed about how and for what we use the cookies that are generated when enter or make use of the web domain "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM".
You are responsible for maintaining identification confidentiality and your digital product payments (digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products) .Furthermore, the CLIENT is responsible for all the activities that are carried out and undertakes to inform MARCZELL KLEIN Immediately before any unauthorized use of the same.
MARCZELL KLEIN recognizes the importance of the privacy of its users, which is why the services it offers through the Internet are designed considering the protection of the information that is provided from MARCZELL KLEIN.
A). Collection of information.
Those services that do not require authenticating you, collect general information and not Personal Information, regarding the browser used, pages visited, Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system and other configuration elements intended to improve digital services. This information can be stored in a Cookie (defined above) on the user's computer, for future reference when browsing the site and for the purposes of statistics of use of the previously mentioned domain.
Some of our products available for sale explicitly require the user to register and / or provide Personal Information, by virtue of the functionality of the site or by applicable legal provision. In this case, the site requests some data for registration such as name, address, age, sex and email, mode of payment (credit card, debit, personal deposits) among others, including personal information. This personal information can be requested from the user when he wishes to acquire a product and he will pay for it in any form that MARCZELL KLEIN indicates the "CLIENT".
B). Cookies.
A cookie as defined above is any text string that asks for authorization to stay on your computer's hard drive. They are used to improve the quality of the service within the previously mentioned domain and to better understand the way in which you interact with our sites. This is done by storing information about your session in Cookies. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can disable this automatic acceptance in the settings of your browser, as indicated in previous paragraphs, with the warning that some of the services offered may not work properly without such Cookies.
The CLIENT acknowledge and accept that MARCZELL KLEIN can place Cookies on your computer, as well as allow third parties to advertise or share in the functionality of the site, in the same way they do.
C). Shared information.
MARCZELL KLEIN does not sell or rent personal information to other individuals or companies. In any case, MARCZELL KLEIN can share the information of its users, in any of the following cases:
• We have the consent of the user.
• We provide said information, personal information or not, with trusted legal entities or individuals, for the sole purpose of processing the information on behalf of MARCZELL KLEIN When this happens, it is under agreements that bind such persons with MARCZELL KLEIN and in accordance with this privacy policy, terms and appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
• If MARCZELL KLEIN is required by law or, we know that in good faith that access, preservation or disclosure of such information, including Personal Information, is reasonably necessary to protect the rights of MARCZELL KLEIN and its users or the general public.
When it comes to sharing statistical information about the sites and our users, this information does not identify you, but it does identify its trends and behaviors.
D). Information Security.
MARCZELL KLEIN takes the appropriate measures to protect personal information and its databases against unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of information.
MARCZELL KLEIN restricts access to personal information, only to those employees who need to know it in order to operate, develop or improve our services.
E). Information Privacy
To purchase the products offered by MARCZELL KLEIN, customers must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological. For more information on the privacy of Personal Data and cases in which personal information will be revealed, you can consult our Privacy Notice or the cases mentioned above.

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