This contract describes the general Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to only as "TERMS AND CONDITIONS") applicable to the use of the content, products and services offered by MARCZELL KLEIN through the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM.” Any person wishing to access, make use of the services offered, may do so subjected to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS, along with all other policies and principles incorporated in this document.
The CLIENT must read, understand and accept everything stated and established in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS as well as in the Privacy Policies and the other documents incorporated by reference to this document, prior to the acquisition of any service that is offered.
The purpose of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS is to regulate access and use of THE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE ON THE WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” OFFERED THROUGH MARCZELL KLEIN, meaning by this any content, product or service that is made available to the general public through the website mentioned above, being digital content, digital courses, video experiences, coaching or teaching, as well as any other digital or physical product available for purchase.
MARCZELL KLEIN reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice, the presentation, content, functionality, products, services, prices and other information that the WEB DOMAIN "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" may contain; In this sense, the "CLIENT" recognizes and accepts the powers indicated in this clause that make up the services offered.
The Digital Videos, Recorded Coaching Services, Teaching or any other product (physical or digital) offered by MARCZELL KLEIN to the "CLIENT" has a variable price depending on the quantities ordered as well as the product they select to purchase, so the unit price is variable depending on the "CLIENT" needs and desires, normally between (7$ dollars to 500 dollars although as mentioned before Price is subject to change) and said consideration will be selected and paid by the "CLIENT" in the means and forms that are indicated at the time of payment within the web domain "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM". The total amount will always be shown within said website when the "CLIENT" places his order.
The access to the products will be done through the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” where the CLIENTS will be able to place their orders and select the digital content, recorded coaching’s, digital package or digital services displayed in the mentioned website by paying the same in the form and within the platform indicated when selected and the amount indicated by MARCZELL KLEIN at the time placing your order depending on the digital products selected.
It is made known to the "CLIENT" that MARCZELL KLEIN can administer and manage the content that is provided directly or through a third party, which does not modify in any way or affect the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
The products offered are only available to people who have the legal capacity to contract. The services may not be used by people who do not have such legal capacity, minors or CLIENTS of MARCZELL KLEIN who have been suspended for violating / not complying with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS indicated in this Agreement. If you are acquiring the products that are offered within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” on behalf of a legal entity, you must have the legal capacity and the necessary powers and legal representation to contract on behalf of such entity and to oblige it in the terms of this Agreement.
The WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” is exclusively addressed to people who have the legal capacity (age of majority) and the purchasing power to make the payments agreed upon in the registration of said service, so MARCZELL KLEIN disclaims any responsibility for the breach of this requirement, so if the "CLIENT" does not provide truthful information and does not comply with said requirement, in the same way, the latter must take responsibility and be responsible from any legal consequence that such breach generates in its prejudice.
The WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” is mainly addressed to CLIENTS within the UNITED STATS OF AMERICA, for which MARCZELL KLEIN does not ensure that the products and digital services/products provided comply in whole or in part with the laws of any other foreign countries, so that if the "CLIENT" resides or has an established address in another country and decides to purchase the products offered by the website mentioned above and purchase them, he will do so under his own responsibility and must ensure that such access and navigation within the web domain complies with local legislation that is applicable depending on the country in which it is located, therefore MARCZELL KLEIN will not assume any liability that may derive from said act.
Access to or use of the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”, as well as the resources, information and specifications regarding the materials and production of the products, digital courses, digital couching, recorded videos or any other digital product service that it be provided to the "CLIENT" must be 100% confidential between both parties and the "CLIENT" is responsible for using said information, product provided in his favor in the way that he decides and sees as relevant for his business and personal benefit, therefore the products acquired cannot be passed into a third party without the consent of MARCZELL KLEIN. In this sense, the use, distribution and re-sale of the products that are acquired through this channel by the "CLIENT" once they are acquired, is also prohibited. In addition, the "CLIENT" agrees to use the products purchased / paid for in a lawful manner, without violating the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the applicable American legislation, morality or public order and will refrain from carrying out any act that may affect the rights of MARCZELL KLEIN or his image, by third parties or in any way prejudicial to the operation of the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”.
Likewise, the "CLIENT" agrees to provide legal and truthful information in the registration of the service provided and throughout the payment registration process, so that the "CLIENT" must provide data or information for the purchase of the digital products, as well as the amounts they plan to purchase truthfully. In any case, the "CLIENT" will immediately notify MARCZELL KLEIN about any act that allows the improper use of the products on and off the platform and regarding the payment methods indicated for the products they want to acquire, such as unauthorized access to their data, with the purpose to proceed with its immediate cancellation and take the necessary legal measures.
MARCZELL KLEIN reserves the right to withdraw and cancel immediately any digital product or Access within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” to any customer who uses the products provided for illegal purposes that violate the law, the dignity of persons or that attempt against public order, which in the judgment of the company in such cases.
In order to acquire the services provided by MARCZELL KLEIN Through the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”, it is mandatory that the “CLIENT” register on the platform that is provided to them digitally with legitimate and truthful information, and then select the digital product available for sale (digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products) as well as the amounts and products that best suit the CLIENT and proceed to pay for them later, so they must purchase these products by paying the amount indicated which can vary between the different digital products offered in the mentioned website (monetary amount that varies depending on the product and the amount ordered from 7$ dollars to 500$ dollars although Price is subject to change). Once the product that the "CLIENT" wishes to purchase has been paid, a payment receipt will be issued within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” so they can Access such services/products. The "CLIENT" must verify that the information he provides in order to pay for the services that is required within the domain must be exact, precise and truthful (" Personal Data "), and assumes the commitment to update the Personal Data as necessary. MARCZELL KLEIN can use various means to identify your CUSTOMERS, but in the same way MARCZELL KLEIN is NOT responsible for the accuracy of the Personal Data that its CLIENTS make available to it, therefore guarantee and respond, in any case, to the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the Personal Data made available to MARCZELL KLEIN.
In relation to what’s stated in the previous paragraph, the “CLIENT” undertakes to make the respective voucher referring to the payments necessary for the acquisition of the digital products they acquired available to MARCZELL KLEIN, so that once the payment of the same has been verified, you will be able to access the products offered in the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” within the delivery period that it is stipulated on the same page within the payment selection.
MARCZELL KLEIN reserves the right to request any proof and / or additional data in order to corroborate the Personal Data, as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend those CLIENTS whose personal data and proof of payment have not been confirmed. In these cases of disqualification, the system will be unsubscribed and the order will be canceled, without this generating any right to compensation.
In the same way, the "CLIENT" is obliged to comply with the payments and the amount that is agreed between both parties via the digital means that MARCZELL KLEIN See convenient and provide to the customers, sending the total or partial vouchers of the agreed monetary amounts in order to keep track and efficiently provide / send the products offered within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”.
MARCZELL KLEIN can modify the TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time by making the modified terms public. All modified terms will take effect 10 (ten) days from their publication / approval. Within 5 (five) days after the publication of the modifications made, the "CLIENT" must contact MARCZELL KLEIN in case they do not accept them; In this case, the contractual link will be dissolved and it will be disabled as a customer, this can only be possible if THE CLIENT DOESNT HAVE ANY PENDING DEBTS. Upon expiration of this period mentioned, the "CLIENT" will be deemed to have accepted the new terms and the contract will continue to bind both parties.
In accordance with the provisions of the FEDERAL LAW ON PROTECTION OF PERSONAL HELD BY PRIVATE PARTIES, MARCZELL KLEIN undertakes to adopt the necessary measures within its reach to ensure the privacy of the personal data collected so that its security is guaranteed, its alteration, loss or unauthorized treatment is avoided.
In addition, in order to comply with the provisions of the FEDERAL LAW ON PROTECTION OF PERSONAL HELD BY PRIVATE PARTIES, all personal data that is collected through registration or once the payment procedure has begun within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” will be treated in accordance with the principles of legality, quality, purpose, loyalty and responsibility. All personal data that the website recollects will be subject to the consent of its owner. In any case, the use of financial or patrimonial data will require authorization from their owners, however, this may be done through payments made on the digital platform indicated by MARCZELL KLEIN in order to obtain payment for the products requested, using mechanisms enabled for this purpose, and in any case the utmost diligence and care will be given to this type of data. The same will occur in the case of sensitive personal data, considering for these those that due to improper use may give rise to their disclosure entails a risk for the owner.
At all times, every effort will be made to ensure that the personal data contained in the databases or files that are used, are pertinent, correct and used for the purposes for which they were collected.
The processing of personal data will be limited to the fulfillment of the purposes set out in the PRIVACY POLICY AND DATA PROTECTION AGREEMENT which will be available along with this document on the digital platform that MARCZELL KLEIN provides to the "CLIENT" to pay for the product/services they want to purchase.
MARCZELL KLEIN can include hyperlinks in the digital platforms and the DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” provided to the customers so that they are allowed to access pages related to sales products within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”, which are subject to the privacy and data protection policies of the this clause, for which MARCZELL KLEIN assumes responsibility for the data provided to these media, however, is not responsible for any digital platform or link that’s from a third party other than those indicated by MARCZELL KLEIN explicitly to the "CLIENT" to which the user provides his personal data.
MARCZELL KLEIN reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy according to its needs or derived from any change in the legislation. The access or use of the WEB DOMAIN "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" after said modifications, implies the acceptance by the "CLIENT".
On the other hand, access to THE DIGITAL PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” may imply the use of cookies, which, are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser, make it more friendly, and they do not harm the navigation device for it, they can collect information to enter said services, store data and preferences of the "CLIENT", as well as the interaction that they have with the digital platforms indicated by MARCZELL KLEIN AND ITS WEBSITE such as the date and time it is accessed, the time it spends, and the IP address of the“ CLIENT ”, etc.
This type of information will be used to improve the platforms that MARCZELL KLEIN provides to the "CLIENT" to improve the products and content offered to it through its web domain "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM", to detect errors and possible needs that the latter may have, the above in order to offer to its customers better quality products and content. In any case, the information collected will be anonymously and individual users will not be identified.
In the event that the “CLIENT” does not want this type of information to be collected, he must disable, reject or restrict the use of cookies in his Internet browser of his choice. The procedures to perform these actions may differ from one browser to another; consequently it is suggested to check the instructions of the browser that is preferably used by the customers. In the event that the use of cookies is rejected (total or partial) the "CLIENT" may continue to use the platforms that MARCZELL KLEIN put at their disposal in case of using any during your navigation within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”.
It is possible that in the future these policies regarding cookies will change or be updated, so it is advisable to review the updates made to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, in order to be adequately be informed about how and for what we use the cookies that are generated when enter or make use of the web domain "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM".
You are responsible for maintaining identification confidentiality and your digital product payments (digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products) .Furthermore, the CLIENT is responsible for all the activities that are carried out and undertakes to inform MARCZELL KLEIN Immediately before any unauthorized use of the same.
MARCZELL KLEIN recognizes the importance of the privacy of its users, which is why the services it offers through the Internet are designed considering the protection of the information that is provided from MARCZELL KLEIN.
A). Collection of information.
Those services that do not require authenticating you, collect general information and not Personal Information, regarding the browser used, pages visited, Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system and other configuration elements intended to improve digital services. This information can be stored in a Cookie (defined above) on the user's computer, for future reference when browsing the site and for the purposes of statistics of use of the previously mentioned domain.
Some of our products available for sale explicitly require the user to register and / or provide Personal Information, by virtue of the functionality of the site or by applicable legal provision. In this case, the site requests some data for registration such as name, address, age, sex and email, mode of payment (credit card, debit, personal deposits) among others, including personal information. This personal information can be requested from the user when he wishes to acquire a product and he will pay for it in any form that MARCZELL KLEIN indicates the "CLIENT".
B). Cookies.
A cookie as defined above is any text string that asks for authorization to stay on your computer's hard drive. They are used to improve the quality of the service within the previously mentioned domain and to better understand the way in which you interact with our sites. This is done by storing information about your session in Cookies. Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can disable this automatic acceptance in the settings of your browser, as indicated in previous paragraphs, with the warning that some of the services offered may not work properly without such Cookies.
The CLIENT acknowledge and accept that MARCZELL KLEIN can place Cookies on your computer, as well as allow third parties to advertise or share in the functionality of the site, in the same way they do.
C). Shared information.
MARCZELL KLEIN does not sell or rent personal information to other individuals or companies. In any case, MARCZELL KLEIN can share the information of its users, in any of the following cases:
• We have the consent of the user.
• We provide said information, personal information or not, with trusted legal entities or individuals, for the sole purpose of processing the information on behalf of MARCZELL KLEIN When this happens, it is under agreements that bind such persons with MARCZELL KLEIN and in accordance with this privacy policy, terms and appropriate confidentiality and security measures.
• If MARCZELL KLEIN is required by law or, we know that in good faith that access, preservation or disclosure of such information, including Personal Information, is reasonably necessary to protect the rights of MARCZELL KLEIN and its users or the general public.
When it comes to sharing statistical information about the sites and our users, this information does not identify you, but it does identify its trends and behaviors.
D). Information Security.
MARCZELL KLEIN takes the appropriate measures to protect personal information and its databases against unauthorized access or alteration, disclosure or destruction of information.
MARCZELL KLEIN restricts access to personal information, only to those employees who need to know it in order to operate, develop or improve our services.
E). Information Privacy
To purchase the products offered by MARCZELL KLEIN, customers must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological. For more information on the privacy of Personal Data and cases in which personal information will be revealed, you can consult our Privacy Notice or the cases mentioned above.
A). Customer Obligations.
The "CLIENT" must register / provide their payment method through the link to the website "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" that MARCZELL KLEIN provide the CLIENT after selecting the product of their choice according to their needs, as well as the amount they wish to order, so that they can proceed to pay for it (amount that may vary depending on the package, product digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital product they select and the number requested), the "CLIENT" is obliged to display proof of payment corresponding to the amount due within the WEB DOMAIN "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" to proceed with the Access of the requested digital products.
By accepting the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this Agreement with the contracting service, the "CLIENT" agrees to be bound by the conditions of purchase of the digital products, digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products that he has selected and the CLIENT undertakes to deliver the consideration in time and in the form that they select depending on the products and quantities needed.
The "CLIENT" in turn is obliged to complete the payments in a timely manner, and to settle the full amount before the date that is mutually agreed and that must be paid for the products that are selected.
1) Taxes. As established by current tax regulations, the "CLIENT" if necessary may require an invoice through MARCZELL KLEIN as proof of the products and digital services purchased within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” that the CLIENT buys and pays. (An invoice will only be issued to products that have actually been paid by the "CLIENT" fully not partially)
• Obligations of MARCZELL KLEIN
MARCZELL KLEIN provide to The “CLIENT” all the digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products that they want to acquire through the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” as well as make sure everything stated in this document and the Privacy Policy are followed as stated and in benefit of its customers.
MARCZELL KLEIN through this TERMS AND CONDITIONS has the obligation to deliver the products once paid within the terms indicated in the web domain WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” mentioned above to the "CLIENT" where at least the digital product, description must be specified thereof, in relation to the price and method of payment made by the counterparty prior getting any Access to it by MARCZELL KLEIN.
1) Taxes. The tax obligations of the MARCZELL KLEIN are his responsibility and under no circumstances does the "CLIENT" have responsibility regarding the control its accounting.
No action or use of a device, software, or other means intended to interfere with the activities and operations of THE WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” or in the accounts or databases of MARCZELL KLEIN is permitted. Any intrusion, attempt or activity that violates or is contrary to the laws on intellectual property and / or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract will make its person liable for the pertinent legal actions, and for the sanctions provided in the applicable laws, as well as It will make you responsible for compensating the damages caused, without exempting the criminal liability provided in the current American legislation to carry out said unlawful act.
MARCZELL KLEIN makes available to its customers a space to provide THE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE WEB DOMAIN "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" in order that the "CLIENT can acquire them in the time and manner agreed upon after payment is completed. For this reason, MARCZELL KLEIN will be responsible for the existence, quality, quantity, status, integrity or legitimacy of the digital products, digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products offered and purchased by the CLIENTS, as well as the Personal Data entered by them that is assumed to contain truthfulness and legal information for the acquisition of the mentioned products. Each “CLIENT” knows and accepts to be the sole responsible for the products offered for sale and for the offers and / or purchases made by them, as well as the other responsibilities/ obligations contained in the rest of the clause of this TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT.
This agreement does not create any partnership, mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between MARCZELL KLEIN and the "CLIENT". The "CLIENT" acknowledges and accepts that MARCZELL KLEIN through its WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” is not a party to any operation or any company that it may have. MARCZELL KLEIN will not be able to verify the veracity of the data and the identity or Personal Data entered by the CLIENTS, it will only deliver the services requested by the customers in accordance with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, within the terms agreed upon depending on the amount paid by the "CLIENT" for the products: digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products.
MARCZELL KLEIN will only be able to provide the CLIENT with a full refund when they meet ALL of the following criteria:
• The CLIENT can request a refund within the next 7 days after purchasing & paying the products on the website WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” (fully paid), after that time MARCZELL KLEIN will not be able to refund any amount to its customers. Therefore the CLIENT agrees that he has read fully and understood the terms stated on this clause that after this period of time (7 days starting after they payment is received) they cannot ask for a refund, therefore renounce to make any claims regarding a refund and CAN NOT take legal action as it has been mentioned several times they can’t get a refund after that period.
• The CLIENT can request a refund when they haven’t accessed, watched, or opened 10% or more of the digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products they had purchased. MARCZELL KLEIN will not be able to refund any amount to its customers after they have watched/used or opened 10% of the digital content that they purchased. Therefore the CLIENT agrees that he has read fully and understood the terms stated on this clause that states after watching/opening or using 10% of the products mentioned, they cannot ask for a refund, therefore they renounce to make any claims regarding a refund and CAN NOT take legal action as it has been mentioned several times they can’t get a refund after watching/using/opening/sharing 10% of the content.
• The CLIENT understands that if they are in either of one of the scenarios mentioned above they are not entitled to any refund or compensation for the products digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products they have already purchased. Therefore the CLIENT understands that it doesn’t matter if they have opened 10% of the course but still they are in the 7 day period mentioned above after purchase, THEY WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND AS THEY HAVE WATCHED/USED 10% OF THE DIGITAL PRODUCTS PROVIDED. Also, the CLIENT understands that it doesn’t matter if they haven’t watched/used 10% of the content or digital products purchased if the 7 day period for a refund has passed, THEY WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND AS THE TIME HAS ALREADY PASSED.
The CLIENT explicitly waives any refund or claim regarding any monetary amount if they don’t meet ALL of the criteria mentioned above, to which they can’t take legal action against MARCZELL KLEN as its understood the CLIENT agreed with this terms and read the present document before acquiring any of the digital products digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products available on the website WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”, with the understanding that they renounce to what’s mentioned above.
So any loss or expense that the "CLIENT" may have both personally and business derived from the acquisition of the products is merely his responsibility, understanding that he may demand a refund only under the circumstances mentioned before, so MARCZELL KLEIN is not responsible for the misuse of the products or the nonconformity with the same if they don’t meet the criteria mentioned above for a refund. Therefore, it is expressly understood by the "CLIENT" that the WEB DOMAIN "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" has a guarantee of refund ONLY IF THEY MEET THE CRITERIA MENTIONED BEFORE IN CLAUSE XI.
There are no guarantees or refunds beyond what is expressly provided in this agreement.
MARCZELL KLEIN is not responsible for any damage, loss or problem caused to the "CLIENT" derived from failures in the system, the server or the Internet. MARCZELL KLEIN Neither will it be responsible for any virus that could infect the "CLIENT" equipment as a result of access, use or entrance of digital platforms that serve as a tool for the products provided to it or as a result of any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained in it. Customers may NOT impute any responsibility or demand payment for lost profits, by virtue of damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or on the Internet.
MARCZELL KLEIN points out that the use of the digital platform for purchasing a digital product and for payments derived from the website WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM will be made in accordance with the terms established in this agreement. The system may eventually not be available due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or for any other circumstance unrelated to MARCZELL KLEIN; in such cases, an effort shall be made to re-establish it as quickly as possible without any liability being attributed to the owner. MARCZELL KLEIN will not be responsible for any error or omission contained in the websites or any other circumstance that is the responsibility of the "CLIENT "that may arise.
Registration on MARCZELL KLEIN website WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM indicated to the "CLIENT" is free as long as the latter shows interest in acquiring a product in exchange for a post-registration consideration. When acquiring the services, the "CLIENT" must pay a variable amount (depending on the digital product, packages and the amount he wishes to acquire), said consideration will be agreed by both parties and paid in favor of MARCZELL KLEIN so they can Access and start using said products in favor of the costumers acquires them.
The "CLIENT" agrees to pay in favor of MARCZELL KLEIN the monetary amount corresponding to the products and quantities purchased or for any other service provided within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM” for which a current rate has been established.
MARCZELL KLEIN will retain at all times the right to modify, change, add, or delete the current rates, prices and quantities at any time, which will be notified to CLIENTS, within a period of no more than 10 business days prior to the rate modification.
MARCZELL KLEIN reserves and may demand his right to take the judicial and extrajudicial measures that it deems pertinent to obtain the payment of the amount due in case of non-payment and non-compliance with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS by the "CLIENT".
MARCZELL KLEIN is the owner of all the intellectual and industrial property rights of any service, information, product and "know how" that is provided to the "CLIENT", understanding by intellectual property the information that is provided, the logo of MARCZELL KLEIN and its derivatives and the products that may be registered, as well as any brand that is within the WEB DOMAIN“ WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM ”and other elements that distinguish the brand, so that all the aforementioned are protected by the United States of America legislation on intellectual and industrial property, as well as by international treaties. Consequently, the reproduction, distribution or diffusion of the products, logos and contents registered within the WEB DOMAIN “WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM”, for commercial purposes, in any medium and by any means without the consent of MARCZELL KLEIN is explicitly prohibited.
The "CLIENT" undertakes to respect the intellectual and industrial property rights of MARCZELL KLEIN. However, in addition to having information, data, and products in his possession, he may dispose of them as long as it is for personal use and not for any profit without the authorization of MARCZELL KLEIN.
On the other hand, the "CLIENT" will refrain from deleting, altering or manipulating any element, file or data base that is protected, without having the permits issued by MARCZELL KLEIN to manipulate, edit or view them.
The products provided by MARCZELL KLEIN, digital courses, digital coaching, recorded videos, and any other digital products, programs, databases, networks, files that allow the “CLIENT” to have at their disposal the information, data or products that are sold through this channel, are the property of MARCZELL KLEIN and they are protected by the international laws and treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The improper use and the total or partial reproduction of said contents are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by MARCZELL KLEIN through the owner that owns said brand.
The Site may contain links to other websites, which does not indicate that they are owned or operated by MARCZELL KLEIN. Because MARCZELL KLEIN has no control over such sites, will NOT be responsible for the content, materials, actions and / or services provided by them, nor for damage or loss caused by the use of them, whether caused directly or indirectly. The presence of links to other websites does not imply a company, relationship, approval, endorsement of MARCZELL KLEIN to these sites and their contents.
In case you have any questions or want to clarify something regarding our Privacy Notice or this Agreement, you can contact us through our email at:
MARCZELL KLEIN reserves the right to file civil, commercial or criminal legal actions that it deems necessary, whether due to non-payment by the "CLIENT", improper use of the information provided through the WEB DOMAIN "WWW.MARCZELLKLEIN.COM" or violation or improper use of the digital products or services provided to the "CLIENT", as well as any breach of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS that may lead to a necessary legal action in favor of MARCZELL KLEIN.
The relationship between the "CLIENT" and MARCZELL KLEIN will be governed by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LEGISLATION, specifically the legislation in the STATE OF CALIFORNIA and the Courts of said entity. Therefore, if any controversy arises in terms of the interpretation and / or application of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the parties will submit to the ordinary jurisdiction of the courts that correspond according to law in the reference state, the procedures will take place in said courts and on the English language.

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